How long is the free trial?

You can try Vetrina Live for free for 7 days. After the free trial you can chose the plan that best fits your needs, starting from 9,90€ per month.

Who manage deliveries?

Orders and deliveries can be managed as you wish. You can deliver orders on your own, by courier or with a delivery guy.

How can I add products?

Products can be added and edited in your Shop Window Admin Panel, in complete autonomy. You will be able to manage products even with your smartphone.

Is it easy to use?

The easiest! The platform is designed to be used by everyone, even from those that are not so familiar with technology.

Will I be automatically charged after the free trial?

No, we will never charge you without your permission. During the free trial you will be informed about how many days are left until its end and you will be able to buy a subscription directly from the admin panel.

How do customers pay me?

In your Admin Panel you can chose which payment methods to enable for your customers. You can decide to make your customers pay with PayPal (debit/credit card), Wire Transfer or Cash On Delivery.